Yadanarbon Cyber Corporation

Yadanarbon Cyber Corporation Limited(YCC) is a leg player in ICT
development in upper Myanmar.YCC is a consorticts of the private
comparsion established in 2003 in order to promote ICT development
 in upper Myanmar and to create the ICT HUB for upper myanmar.


About Yadanarbon Cyber Corporation

YCC is a leg player in ICT development in upper Myanmar.
Based in Mandalay,Myanmar,head-office located in Mandalay,to provide
space for ICT & ICT related service industry & to develop an ICT Park,
Commercial Park with international facilities.

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Our Story

YCC was founded in 2003 with the primary vision of stimulatiy the
development pf Myanmar ICT industry by offrecting local,regional
& international business.For that reason we work head to create an
ICT Park in 2003,located at 3rd floor of Yadanabon Super Center,source
of 34thx 77th,Mandalay,Myanmar.Company founders are used the
experience and refunrs to create an ICT Hub based on ICT industry

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Our Founders

We firstly believe that are founders and shareholders are one biggest
asset,and it's their passion and commitreat that sets YCC apart from
the rest.For that reason,we will head of create an rnnieanment
that's innovotive,collaborative and coorporative,and so that everyone
is inspired to contivee to achieve the impossible.

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-To create the ICT HUB in upper Myanmar

-To crerate the business opportunities between international,regional & locals.


-To develop the ICT Park,Techno-Commercial park with facilitier.